The add-on enables users to create and embed dashboards into application screens. Dashboards allow visualizing summarized information, data sets, or charts.

A dashboard consists of widgets — individual elements based on a frame. An integrated set of layouts allows positioning widgets on a dashboard according to your needs.

The add-on provides the following features:

  • Setting dashboard visibility for different users.

  • Responsive layouts that help to adapt dashboards to different displays.

  • Creating and storing widget templates.

  • User interface for configuring and managing dashboards and widgets.


For automatic installation through Jmix Marketplace, follow instructions in the Add-ons section.

For manual installation, add the following dependencies to your build.gradle:

implementation 'io.jmix.dashboards:jmix-dashboards-starter'
implementation 'io.jmix.dashboards:jmix-dashboards-ui-starter'

The Dashboards add-on requires a custom theme to be present in the project.

  1. Create a custom theme that extends one of the existing themes.

  2. Add the following dependency in build.gradle:

    themes 'io.jmix.dashboards:jmix-dashboards-ui'