HTML Editor UI

You can add, set, and delete elements from the canvas. In addition, you can import and export HTML and CSS code. Here is a description of the setting panels of the editor.

The Blocks Tab

After opening the editor in the launched application, you can see the Blocks tab.

The block in GrapesJS is a reusable piece of HTML that you can drop on the canvas.

The set of elements depends on the added UI components. The following elements can be enabled for adding:

  • in the Basic section: Columns, Text, Image, Video, Map, Link, Text Section, Link Block.

  • in the Extra section: Navbar, Tabs, Custom Code.

  • in the Forms section: Form, Input, Textarea, Select, Button, Label, Checkbox, Radio.

html editor ui

The Style Manager Tab

You can set the properties of the elements. Select the element and go to the Style Manager tab.

style manager tab

The Trait Manager Tab

You can define the parameters of the element. Select the element and go to the Trait Manager tab.

trait manager tab

The Layers Tab

To watch the list of elements on the canvas, go to the Layers tab. You can hide elements on the canvas while editing.

layers tab

The Top Panel Buttons

The following buttons on the Top Panel are available:

  • the Show borders button

  • the Preview button

  • the Full-screen button

  • the Export button

  • the Undo button

  • the Redo button

  • the Import button

  • the Clear canvas button

  • buttons for changing the screen width

top panel