The service is designed to work with WebdavDocument. Its methods allow you to:

  • receive a document by a document version id/document id/document URI/document version;

  • receive a list of documents of the given document/resource path;

  • create/remove a lock for document with a specific timeout;

  • create/update/delete a document;

  • create/update/delete versions of a particular document.


The service is used to work with document versions. It enables you to:

  • get the first version of a document;

  • receive the latest version of a document;

  • get a particular version of a document;

  • get all existing versions of a document;

  • create/update/delete a document versions.

The service is used to work with persistent links. A persistent link is stored in the database as WebdavLink entity instance and points to WebdavDocument or WebdavDocumentVersion entity instance. The link looks like http://localhost:8080/webdav/link/{linkIdentifier} where linkIdentifier is WebdavLink entity instance id.

For example, http://localhost:8080/webdav/link/7a53ce0e-1576-ad32-a131-4abcde6b1235.

After opening the persistent link, the non-persistent link is generated and opened. Each link has a context which specifies an additional information about how the file referenced by the link should be opened. By default, a link is created with the default empty context. With the empty context, if the link entity type is WebdavDocument, the file will be opened with the full access mode. If the link entity type is WebdavDocumentVersion, the file will be opened with the read-only access mode.

The service methods allow you to create and remove persistent links to a document with a default/read-only/specific context.


The service is used for getting non-persistent links which are generated on the fly and not stored in the database. The link contains information about the opening application/access mode/filename/document version. The link opens the application for the file stored in the WebdavDocument/WebdavDocumentVersion entity or downloads it. For example, ms-word:ofv|u|http://localhost:8080/webdav/document/0e68df0e-8395-4d25-a230-3eb89e6b2674/example.docx.

The string value of a link is encapsulated by the url attribute of the WebdavUrl class.

The service provides the following operations:

  • getting a link to the latest document version in full access/read-only mode;

  • getting a link to a particular document version in full access/read-only mode;

  • receiving information about an external application used for opening a document version.