Entity Information Action

The Data Tools add-on provides a UI action that displays a system information about a selected entity. It includes the entity name, Java class, database table, identifier, and values of system attributes that constitute the entity traits.

To add the action to a table or data grid using Studio, open the component palette, drag and drop FacetsAction to the component, and select showEntityInfo in the Add Action dialog. The action will be added to the table, for example:

<groupTable id="ordersTable" width="100%" dataContainer="ordersDc">
        <!-- ... -->
        <action id="showEntityInfo" type="showEntityInfo"/>

After adding the action to a table or data grid, you can find it in the component’s context menu as Entity information item.

To be able to use the action, a user must have the datatools-entity-info resource role provided by the add-on.