Entity Inspector

Entity Inspector provides auto-generated UI for your data model entities. It allows you to browse, create, update and remove entity instances without creating any specific UI. Also, if your entity is soft-deleted, Entity Inspector lets you browse, restore or wipe out deleted instances.

Entity Inspector respects data access constraints imposed by security, so it can be helpful both for administrators and for users with limited permissions.

Open the Administration → Entity Inspector application screen and select the necessary entity from the Entity Type list.

entity browser

In case the entity is soft-deleted, you can select displaying the removed entities and restore or wipe them out.

You can use Entity Inspector to export and import any simple entities including system entities. Entity Inspector screen displays actions for exporting the selected entity instances as ZIP or JSON and importing them to the system.

Keep in mind that when an entity is exported using the Entity Inspector, reference attributes with the one-to-many or many-to-many relationship type are not included.