Application Properties

This section describes the application properties related to the Reports add-on in alphabetical order.


Defines the processing timeout in milliseconds for the report execution if the jmix.reports.client.useBackgroundReportProcessing is set to true.

Default value: 10000.


Defines whether TAB key should be handled as \t symbol instead of focus navigation in Script fields of the report detail view.

Default value: false


Allows you to set the report execution as a background task. This property is used in order to add the cancel option.

Default value: false.


The Reports add-on uses the cURL tool to run external reports. The property value represents the path to the cURL tool.

Default value: curl.


false value allows running LibreOffice in the server operating system without a window interface.

Default value: false


Sets the LibreOffice timeout in seconds for converting DOCX/XLSX to HTML/PDF.

When the time is up, the user will receive an error message.

Default value: 20


The scheduled task deletes all execution history records older than the specified number of days. If the property value is 0, the scheduled task does not consider this property when deleting records.

See Cleanup the History for details on setting up the scheduled task.

Default value: 730


The scheduled task leaves no more than this number of execution history entries for every report. It is not recommended to use a number greater than 1000 as the value of this property. If the property value is 0, the scheduled task does not consider this property when deleting records. It is useful for frequently run reports such as email templates, invoicing document templates, etc.

See Cleanup the History for details on setting up the scheduled task.

Default value: 1000.


Activates the report execution history mechanism.

Default value: false.


Sets the path to LibreOffice.

Default value: /


Specifies the comma- or vertical bar-separated list of available ports for LibreOffice.

For example: jmix.reports.officePorts = 8100|8101|8102|8103|8104|8105.

Default value: 8100, 8101, 8102, 8103.


Sets to the fonts directory for converting reports from HTML to PDF.

For example: jmix.reports.pdfFontsDirectory = C:/Windows/Fonts.


Sets the mode when the bands which datasets have returned no records are still displayed once.

Default value: true


If set to true, report results files are saved to the file store, if the jmix.reports.historyRecordingEnabled property is on. See Output documents for details.

Default value: false.


Turns on using LibreOffice to convert the report having DOCX template to HTML/PDF, which significantly increases the conversion accuracy.

Default value: false

Installing and Configuring LibreOffice

The Reports add-on uses the LibreOffice package to output reports in PDF and DOC formats. Below we provide instructions about how to install and configure it in the application server:

Installing and Configuring LibreOffice for Microsoft Windows

jmix.reports.officePath = C:/Program Files (x86)/LibreOffice 5/program

Installing and Configuring LibreOffice on Ubuntu Server

  • Install the libreoffice package, for example, by running the following command:

    $ sudo apt-get install libreoffice
  • Configure jmix.reports.officePath application property, set it the path to LibreOffice:

    jmix.reports.officePath = /usr/lib/libreoffice/program
  • If the server does not have window interface installed, LibreOffice will start with the error, Caused by: java.awt.HeadlessException: No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it, or will simply terminate without error messages. To resolve this issue, set the jmix.reports.displayDeviceAvailable application property:

    jmix.reports.displayDeviceAvailable = false
  • You can run the following command to diagnose errors when starting LibreOffice:

    $ strace -e trace=signal /usr/lib/libreoffice/programs/office.bin --headless --accept="socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp" --nologo --nolockcheck

For Ubuntu users who installed tomcat using apt, it is necessary to copy ~/.config/libreoffice to $CATALINA_HOME. For tomcat8, it is /usr/share/tomcat8.

After that, you should change the owner of this folder:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/tomcat8/.config
sudo cp -pr ~/.config/libreoffice /usr/share/tomcat8/.config/
sudo chown -R tomcat8.tomcat8 /usr/share/tomcat8/.config/

Installing and Configuring LibreOffice for macOS

jmix.reports.officePath = /Applications/