comboButton is a button with a drop-down list of items. comboButton can be created to provide a set of variations on an action.

This component is very similar to dropdownButton.

The main difference is that an action can be added to the root button.

  • XML element: comboButton

  • Java class: ComboButton


An example of comboButton:

    <action id="contact" text="Contact Us"/>
    <comboButton id="saveButton" action="contact">
            <textItem id="callItem" text="Call Us"/>
            <textItem id="emailItem" text="E Mail"/>
            <textItem id="whatsAppItem" text="WhatsApp"/>
combo button basics


Allows to set the dropdown icon for comboButton.

Default icon is VaadinIcon.CHEVRON_DOWN.


Чтобы сгенерировать заглушку обработчика в Jmix Studio, используйте вкладку Handlers панели инспектора Jmix UI, или команду Generate Handler, доступную на верхней панели контроллера экрана и через меню CodeGenerate (Alt+Insert / Cmd+N).