Entity Information Action

The Data Tools add-on provides a UI action that displays a system information about a selected entity. It includes the entity name, Java class, database table, identifier, and values of system attributes that constitute the entity traits.

For example:

entity info action 2

To add the action to a data grid using Studio, select the data grid in the screen designer, click Add → Actions → Action in the inspector panel, and select datatl_showEntityInfo in the Add Action dialog. The action will be added to the data grid, for example:

<dataGrid id="usersDataGrid" ...>
        <action id="showEntityInfo" type="datatl_showEntityInfo"/>

The action is shown in the data grid context menu as Entity information item:

entity info action 1
To be able to use the action, a user must have the datatools-entity-info resource role provided by the Data Tools add-on.