The service is intended to be used with WebdavDocument. Its methods enable you to perform the following actions:

  • Retrieve a document using a document version ID, document ID, document URI, or document version.

  • Retrieve a list of documents from a specified document or resource path.

  • Create or remove a lock on a document with a defined timeout period.

  • Create, update, or delete a document.

  • Create, update, or delete versions of a specific document.


The service is utilized for managing document versions, providing the following capabilities:

  • Retrieving the initial version of a document.

  • Obtaining the most recent version of a document.

  • Retrieving a specific version of a document

  • Retrieving all available versions of a document

  • Creating, updating, or deleting document versions

The service is used for managing persistent links. Persistent links are stored in the database as instances of the WebdavLink entity, pointing to instances of WebdavDocument or WebdavDocumentVersion entities. The format of the links is as follows: http://localhost:8080/app/webdav/link/{linkIdentifier}, where the linkIdentifier corresponds to the id of the WebdavLink entity.

For example, http://localhost:8080/app/webdav/link/7a53ce0e-1576-ad32-a131-4abcde6b1235.

When a link is clicked, a non-persistent link is generated and opened. Each link comes with context, which provides additional information on how to open the file entity that the link references. By default, a link is created with a default (empty) context. This context varies based on the type of entity stored in the link. If the entity type is WebdavDocument, the file will be opened with full access mode. If the entity type is WebdavDocumentVersion, the file will be opened in read-only access mode. The string value of the link is contained within the url field of the WebdavUrl.

The service methods provide the capability to establish and delete persistent links to a document with a default, read-only, or custom context.


The service is used for retrieving non-persistent links. These links contain details about the application for opening, access mode, filename, and document version. The link either launches the application for the file stored in the WebdavDocument/WebdavDocumentVersion entity or initiates a download. For instance: ms-word:ofv|u|http://localhost:8080/app/webdav/document/0e68df0e-8395-4d25-a230-3eb89e6b2674/example.docx.

The link’s string value is contained within the url field of the WebdavUrl class. These links are not stored in the database but are dynamically generated.

It is recommended to use persistent links from the WebdavRawLinksManagementService.

The service offers the following functionalities:

  • Obtaining a link to the most recent document version with full access or in read-only mode.

  • Obtaining a link to a specific document version with full access or in read-only mode.

  • Retrieving details about an external application utilized for opening a document version.