UI Components

WebdavDocumentLink is a UI component that allows users to open documents in desktop office applications. Also, if versioning is supported for a document, a user can see all versions of a document.

ui webdav document link

The component has the following functionality:

  • Opening the latest version of a document for viewing and editing.

  • Opening previous document versions in read-only mode (for more details, see WebDAV Document Versions).

WebdavDocumentVersionLink enables opening a particular document version in desktop office applications in the read-only mode. The component displays a file name of a certain document version.

ui webdav document version link

To create WebdavDocumentVersionLink, use the UiComponents factory.

WebdavDocumentVersionLink webdavDocumentVersionLink =


WebdavDocumentUploadField is designed to work with documents.

Component XML name: webdavDocumentUpload.

The component has the following functionality:

  • Uploading a file to create a new document or a document version.

  • Opening a document for viewing or editing.

  • Downloading the latest or preceding document versions.

  • Creating new document versions based on previous ones.

Work Modes

The component works in the following two modes:

  • If versioning is enabled, WebdavDocumentUploadField is displayed without any restrictions.

  • If versioning is disabled, WebdavDocumentUploadField does not show a link to the latest document version.

Declarative Creation

To declare the WebdavDocumentUploadField component in a screen XML descriptor, first add a namespace with the http://jmix.io/schema/webdav/ui URI to it. Then use this namespace with the component element, for example:

<window xmlns="http://jmix.io/schema/ui/window"
    <layout spacing="true" expand="editActions">
        <form id="form" dataContainer="contractDc">
            <column width="350px">
                <webdav:webdavDocumentUpload id="documentField"

Programmatic Usage

WebdavDocumentUploadField has the API similar to fileStorageUploadField.